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  • Construction Time Lapse

    If you're looking to capture and document a major construction achievement for your client or organisation, Time Lapse is the answer. A time lapse of the day, week or months' events ensure safety standards are being upheld, and that work is being completed dilligently and on time. The custom online console gives you the ability to view a chosen day or week that may be of interest in the case of any managerial issues such as analyzing claims and legal disputes, investigating accidents, and monitoring progress of construction. Watch the entire construction from start to finish upon completion in full HD which can also be a great marketing tool post construction to aid in future tendors.
  • Mining Timelapse

    Time lapse can be used in the mining industry for a manifold of different purposes including documenting the development of new mines and projects, monitoring the progress of open-cut mines, creating material for the situational awareness of investors and stakeholders, monitoring mine safety, as well as a resource to use in the future mining tenders.
  • Aerial Timelapse

    Time lapse is a specialised service which records a construction or event from a fixed point at regular intervals. Regularly scheduled aerial photographs will assist in keeping your project on time and under budget, whether it be for construction or farming.
  • Flood and Storm Water Monitoring

    Flood management and forecasting becomes more efficient and safer with our Time Lapse Systems. View changes in water levels, sediment flow and water quality as it happens to help with flood preparation and response times. Recorded, archived videos and still images could prove useful for any insurance claims relevant to damage caused by stormwater and flooding.
  • Tide and Errosion Time Lapse

    Environmental Monitoring in the Timelapse Industry is well known to be used to monitor the times, heights, and the flow of tides and deep-water channels to assist with the navigation through coastal waterways, construction of bridges, docks, ans breakwaters. Time lapse is a powerful technique for documenting such environmental phenomena for research, education, entertainment, or monitoring purposes so that the archives can be accessed publicly or privately.
  • Fire Monitoring Time Lapse

    Time Lapse Cameras are a pragmatic solution for monitoring planned burn offs, and predicting conditions that are favourable to bushfires to maximise effective fire management. With online realtime time lapse video, response times can be improved therefore reducing potential damages and dangers. By allowing you to visually determine humidity levels, wind strength and general fire weather conditions, you'll have an advantage in assessing risks, prevention planning and insurance claims.
  • Traffic Monitoring

    We offer Time lapse Services for People & Vehicle Movement & Habits, Airport & Aircraft Monitoring and Event Monitoring. Time Lapse is renown for gathering information for better management of traffic congestion and Motorway incident detection. If you're looking to have a permanent or project driven birds-eye view of traffic conditions, Time Lapse will give you an online real time and archived field of vision, where ever you are, 24 hours.
  • Weather Monitoring

    Enjoy the benefits of a Time Lapse System for weather watching or checking out beach conditions from the comfort of your office. High Definition images can be used to observe the forces of nature in a weather proof durable housing, built to withstand all conditions in any remote location.
  • Remote Solutions

    Our Time Lapse Systems are 3G and can be Solar Power operated, so all of your hassles are removed. You can now move the camera from location to location as your jobs are completed.
  • Always Safe

    We adhere to strict safety proceedures, with qualifed personel and stringent regulations to limit both ours and your risk.

    All our employees have various safety enductions and all job sites receive a site management safety plan before we commence any opeation.
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