Why Time Lapse?

1 Live View - Images taken on site by our cameras are available online within minutes!

2 Monitoring - Regular review of on-site performance, progress and productivity. Our online console lets you view the daily, weekly, or monthly progress as well as work of a specific date and time bracket.

3 On-site Safety - Assistance in anticipating potential hazards or reviewing events that led to safety issues. Supervisors can take action and safety recommendations can be made.

4 Proof of Weather - Supporting evidence if delays arise or site access becomes difficult.

5 Progress & Milestone Updates - To give all contributors visual reference points on KPIs.

6 Protection - Should litigation or a court case arise, you have a comprehensive photographic record of the entire build. With over 44,000 images per year per camera, daily activities are on record.

7 Security - Our clients have found our visual records useful in the case of unauthorised entry to sites. Even just the presence of our camera system can act as a deterant

8 Continuous Improvement - Assessment for Continuous Improvement planning & reporting.

9 Post-Construction Defect Liability - Monitoring during defects liability periods to confirm liability.

10 Marketing Material - Professional time lapse videos for future tenders and evidence of past work, improving your company branding, PR and sales.